Grief Through His Eyes, “Seeing Grief From His Point Of View”

Men, do you have a story to tell that will uplift and empower other brothers with insight and relentless courage? Are you ready to share your overcoming story of being once overshadowed by grief to living an intentional life through grief? Let’s write your story and become a published author with less stress, less time and less money.

Dear Future Author,

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    If You have endured hardships, one after another
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    If You have overcome self shame with intentional will
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    If You have had tragic loss and is now getting some understanding
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    If You had to rediscover joy, after it had been stripped away
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    If You have learned the powerful lesson of forgiveness
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    If You have made it through the loss of a spouse, a child, or a divorce
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    If You know the hurt of abandonment


Why Become a Co-Author on this Project?

This is the best way to become a first time author and best-seller, with less stress, less time & less money. I became a #1 Amazon Best Selling Author, 8X’s by collaborating with other visionaries and amazing authors.

Learn the ins and outs so that you can self-publish your own entire book in the future.

Get writing and publishing tips that you can use forever.

Gain authority and credibility as a published author.

You join forces with other great male authors. Potential future speaking engagements and other events.

Get your story out of your head and into a published book in your hand, creating a piece of written legacy.

Collaboration and building a community with supportive like-minded men.

What You Never Have to Worry About as a
Co-Author on this Project...

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    Publishing a book by yourself with no experience, credibility or platform.
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    Finding a professional & EXCELLENT cover designer.
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    Finding a book layout expert to ensure that the inside is professional and easy to read for your audience.
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    Finding an excellent editor so that you don’t waste money on editors who have no idea what they're doing.
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    Finding a professional website developer for your author webpage.
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    Getting media attention and publicity for your book.
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    Organizing and paying for a launch party and celebration.

Multi-Author Book Marketing Package Includes:

You featured on the book website with your own co-author page. This page will include your bio, picture, contact information and a live link to your own website.

The electronic cover graphic to promote your book through your website, social networking sites, e-blasts and blogs.

Short professionally written book description you can use to promote your book.

One page professionally written book description you can use to promote and sell your book on your website.

Electronic version of your chapter for promotional use.

Professionally written press release announcing the book and featuring the names of all co-authors.

Electronic distribution of the press release announcing the release of the book sent to a custom list of bloggers, radio shows and press outlets that will be most receptive to the book.

Meet the Visionary & Compiler...

Hello, I’m Deborah Juniper-Frye, your Grief Care Consultant and Life & Recovery Coach!

At this point, you already know you need to join us on this “life changing” journey. I can’t wait to assist you in sharing your story of OVERCOMING GRIEF (DEEP SADNESS), in what I already know will be a #1 Best Seller. In assisting people over the bridge of trauma and grief, this book was inspired from witnessing so many men grieve in silence. Over the past 23 plus years, learning the ups and downs concerning the brokenhearted has fueled my passion and purpose to help men share their story and voice to the world. Listen, my expertise has led me to establishing Dinner & Discussion Workshops to discuss different grief topics, such as Loss of a Child, Loss of a Spouse, and Coping with Grief during the Holidays, as well as, taking additional certificate courses at Yale University, Johns Hopkins University, Cognitive Behavior Institute and Powerhouse Leaders University. But I must say, coming along side you in this Man-Thology will be one of the biggest highlights, as a 9X #1 Best Selling Author.

This is OUR JOURNEY, YOUR STORY to empower other “Valiant Men”. It’s Your Time!!

You're here because you know that YOUR TIME IS NOW to get your story and message out, and my team is here to help!

Average Costs for Self-Publishing a Book by Yourself

Many people set out to follow their dreams to write a book and never actually become a published author because one, they’re not sure how to start, and then two, because of the costs to publish a PROFESSIONAL well done book. If you haven’t researched yet, you may not know what those costs look like.

BUT…As a Co-Author, all of the costs are shared, at a FRACTION of the cost…Schedule call below if you’re interested.

Tuesday, May 23, 2023

Amazon #1 Best Seller EBook Campaign

Saturday, June 17, 2023

Grief Through His Eyes, Volume 2 – Book Launch

Additional details will be provided for signed authors.

Average Cost for Self-Publishing

Book Cover

For a professional looking, well designed book cover (the sort you see in your local book stores and from publishers like Penguin, Harper Collins, Random House, and Pearson) you should expect to pay $500 to $1200. An amateur cover will give you amateur results.

ISBN Numbers

Copy Editing

The copyeditor reviews the final manuscript for grammar, spelling, and consistency. He or she corrects errors and questions anything that isn't clear in the text. The cost will depend on the number of words in the book but for professional services the cost is going to be $800 and up. It can go up to about $5,000 or more.

Marketing & PR

This includes all of your marketing plan, message development and writing, and marketing materials…flyers, post cards, social media graphics, press release writing and distribution

Book Formatting

(Page Design & Layout)
This is a professional layout that is done for printing. It draws in the reader, creates a great reading flow and retains the reader’s attention. Depending on the number of pages it will be $300 - $2500. Also if you’re having layout for Kindle and iBook that will increase the price. Don’t leave this up to an amateur.

Author Website

You want to have a professional website designer and developer who doesn’t just design a pretty website, but one who can make sure the website is found in a search and available on all mobile devices.

What's Included in the Co-Author Package?

Are you still excited and ready to get started? Have more questions before making a decision?

  • You become a published author!! MAJOR accomplishment.
  • Your name included on the FRONT COVER and BACK COVER WITH GROUP PHOTO.
  • Professional Book Cover Design.
  • Professional interior book layout and design.
  • Professional Photo Shoot for Book Promotion.
  • Professional Copyediting.
  • All Marketing Planning, Writing and Design.
  • Publicity & Media Relations Management.
  • Virtual Book Launch (required attendance for all authors)
  • VIP Live Book Launch (required attendance for all authors)
  • Book published on Amazon Kindle and iBook.
  • 5 Printed books and availability to order more at the wholesale price.
  • A private Facebook page for authors to stay connected and network with the other authors.
  • Opportunity for you to learn as we go on this project so you can build/grow your own platform.
  • Author live empowerment calls and/or video.
  • Writing tips and guideline to make your story engaging and keep you unstuck.
  • Wholesale print book orders available to sell in person or through your own website.

Online Co-author
Resource Center
with Co-Author Training

  • Co-author training on How to Use Your Book to Grow Your Business Before Your Books Arrive.
  • Co-author training on How to Use Your Book to Get More Speaking Engagements.
  • Co-author training on How to Use Your Book to Create New Revenue Sources for Your Business.
  • Co-author training on How to Package Your Products and Services and Sell from The Platform To Come Home With Clients
  • Co-author training on How to Promote Your Business and Book with New Media: Video, Blogging, Social Networking and Article Marketing.
  • Co-author training on How to Maximize the Use of Radio for your Business and Book Promotion.

Next Step

Schedule your phone consultation with Deborah to be sure that your story is a good fit for the book.

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